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Weddings Info


Your wedding needs me! So here you are looking for a wedding photographer. Let me clear things up and answer some questions you may have thought about. I'm there in the background getting those intimate moments through the ceremony and reception, I command the family photos like a boss because there is always someone that doesn't want the photos, I guide you through your bridal session and make sure you all look fantastic but also throw in a bit of corny humour because we need to break the ice.  Did I mention I love a bit of fun? Well, we will all be having a ton of it by the end of the bridal party photos.
My packages cover from getting ready until the first hour or two of the reception.



Get your gang together and have a great time.  Debs are my Jam! Bigger groups are welcome and encouraged.  The bigger the group the better value too!


You have a milestone, I have a camera, now lets create some awesome memories for you to share with the world (or maybe just your friends and family)

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